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Replacement Window Installation Day

When you choose Marvin Replacement for your replacement project, our team carefully manages it for a seamless, thoughtful, and exceptional experience. We know that the installation process can seem scary, but we'll put your mind at ease as we guide you through each step of your process. 

Marvin Replacement Window Installation

Your windows and doors serve as your first line of defense against any water and air getting into your home, making a weather-tight seal an absolute necessity. You want assurance you’re going to get a proper fit from installers.

Installation Day

See what a Marvin Replacement installation day looks like in this installation video.

Our Installation Process

We guide you through the installation process and provide information before installation day arrives, so you know what to expect. Our installers will work diligently and respectfully while installing new windows or doors in your home.


Project Manager Walk-Through

Your project manager will conduct an initial walk-through on installation day and can introduce you to your installers. Meanwhile, our installers will take extra care to protect your home.


Removal of Old Windows or Doors

Our installers will carefully remove your old windows and doors before preparing the opening for new windows and doors.



Your installers will expertly place your windows and doors—true and plumb—to ensure a proper fit. They’ll use flashing and caulk, which can take up to 72 hours to cure, to help defend your house against any air leaks or possible water infiltration.


Final Walk-Through

Once we’ve completed your window or door installation, your project manager will conduct a final walk-through to make sure everything is to your satisfaction. We’ll also explain how to properly operate your new windows or doors and answer any other questions you may have about your new windows and doors.

Marvin Replacement window installer places a window

Installation Day Checklist

We're looking forward to installing your new windows and doors. To help installation day run smoothly, please plan to tackle a few prep items before our team arrives. If you have any special considerations, let our team know so that we can assist.

  • Move any items near windows and doors being replaced.

  • Remove window treatments from windows and doors.

  • Take down pictures and fixtures close to the windows and doors.

  • Remove window air conditioning units and fans.

  • Keep small children and pets away from the installation areas.

IMPORTANT: Arrange to have any security system alarms in your windows and doors disconnected before installation and reconnected after installation.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Installation Day

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How can I prepare for installation day?

You can prepare for installation day by moving furniture away from your windows and doors. Remove any window treatments or pictures on your walls, too. Be prepared to keep small children and pets safe on installation day.

How long does window and door installation take?

The length of your window and door replacement project depends on the order and delivery time. Once the windows and doors have arrived, installation can take a day to a few days, depending on weather conditions. Inclement weather can delay window and door installation.

A two-person crew can typically replace a small to average sized insert window in about an hour. A full-frame window replacement can take several hours, depending on the interior and exterior trim. A patio door can take a half day or more, depending on conditions and special flashing needed for custom jobs.

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Installation Day

What time will my installers arrive?

Our installers will arrive between 7 and 9 a.m. Depending on the size of the project, installers can spend most of the day at your home. They will clean up between mid-afternoon and late-afternoon.

Will there be noise?

Yes, there will be noise during installation.

Is it OK to ask the installers to leave?

Marvin Replacement installers are at your home at your request and will not intrude on your time.

Where are they going to go in my house?

Installers will only work in areas where they're installing windows and doors. They will be present in common areas but not in rooms that are not getting windows or doors installed.

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When is the balance of the project cost due?

The balance of your project is due on installation day.

What happens after installation?

Your project manager will conduct a final walk-through within 72 hours of installation to make sure your windows and doors are working smoothly. They'll make sure everything has been cleaned up following installation, too. They will also answer any questions you have about your windows and doors.

Who do I call if I need service?

After installation, if you need any service, you can contact your customer success manager.

Download Our Replacement Window Installation Guide

Download the full "What Happens Next" installation guide to read more about what to expect on installation day.

Marvin Replacement What Happens Next Guide