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Marvin Replacement Bow windows, made with Ultrex® fiberglass, curve gracefully outward past your home's exterior to add additional light and style to your home.


  • Operational casement windows in the bow window allow gentle breezes into your home

  • Insulated head and seat boards available in standard pine or optional oak

  • Enjoy expanded views and additional living space

  • Bow window seat creates a cozy reading nook

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Strong Frame Material

Ultrex fiberglass is 8x stronger than vinyl windows to resist warping and shifting to protect your home.


Exceptional Stability

Ultrex expands 87% less than vinyl to resist leaks + seal failures for windows that open and close easily.


Stunning Aesthetics

Smooth, curved lines give rooms a panoramic view.


Abundant Sunlight

Create a sun-filled spot with a bow assembly of four, five, or six windows.


Low Maintenance

Our tough acrylic finish resists fading, dents, and cracks.

Interior view of a four-wide white casement bow window.

Replacement Bow Window Design Options

Replacement Bow Window Styles

Marvin Replacement Bow windows, built with the strength of Ultrex fiberglass frames, accentuate a home's existing curves. Our bow windows are available in four, five or six-wide window configurations with flanking casement windows to add a graceful arc to your home's style. The assembly gently bows outward to create a focal point of your home.

The windows can all have the same width or have a wider middle window than the flanking windows. Customize your bow window with standard pine or optional oak veneer head and insulated seat boards.

Selected: Four-Wide Bow

Interior view of a four-wide white casement bow window.
Example of a Marvin Replacement five-wide casement bow window.
Example of a six-wide casement bow window.
Interior view of a four-wide white casement bow window.

Exterior Colors

Our finish stands up to the elements, so much so that 48,000 hours of sun can't fade our finish* and our fade-resistant acrylic finish resists scratches, chalking, chipping, denting, and peeling. Choose from seven stunning exterior colors to boost your curb appeal.

Selected: Stone White

Stone white swatch
Sierra swatch
Cashmere swatch
Pebble Gray swatch
Bronze swatch
Bahama brown swatch
Ebony swatch
stone white color

Marvin's Ultrex® fiberglass finish is verified to the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 624 specification. Achieving AAMA 624 verification means that our Ultrex finish has passed rigorous tests that simulate the harsh conditions a finish can encounter throughout the life of a window or door.

*Average sunlight exposure per 10 years

Interior Colors

We use the same tough acrylic finish on our interior color options that we use on our exterior colors. You can also choose our stainable EverWood® finish for the look of wood without the maintenance.

Selected: Stone White

Stone white swatch
EverWood finish sample
stone white color

1. Sierra interior is not available with Ebony exterior

Finish samples are approximate. Schedule a design consultation for an up close view of color options.

Glass Coatings

Our experts will walk you through energy efficient glass options to find the right selection for your home and the best windows for your climate. Choose from four glass coatings, plus decorative glass options, and specialty glass choices.

Low E-1

Primarily used in colder climates, Low E1 allows more heat in to warm a room while blocking heat loss.

Low E-2

Low E2 offers year-round performance in moderate climates. It will help retain heat in your home during the winter and keep heat out during the summer.

Low E-3

Low E3 rejects solar heat while letting light in, resulting in increased performance in climates with intense sun exposure.

Low E-3/ERS

Low E3/ERS provides maximum efficiency year-round in all conditions.

Selected: Low E1

Diagram of Low E glass coating
Diagram of Low E2 glass coating
Diagram of glass with three metallic coatings.
Low E-3 ERS
Diagram of Low E glass coating

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass options are ideal for spaces like bathrooms to balance natural light and privacy.

Selected: Rain

Rain Glass
Glue Chip Glass
Narrow reed glass
Obscure Glass
Frost Glass
Marvin Replacement Reeded Decorative glass
Example of Marvin Replacement Gray Tint Decorative Glass
Sample of Marvin Replacement Green Tint Decorative Glass option.
Example of Marvin Replacement Bronze Tint Decorative Glass.
Rain Glass

Specialty Glass

We offer specialty glass to best suit the needs of your home. You can choose tempered glass, laminated glass, and STC/OITC glass for specific windows and rooms.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass increases glass strength to help prevent breakage. Tempered glass is ideal for windows close to the floor or located in high-traffic areas.

Laminated Glass

Even more durable than tempered glass, laminated glass is often referred to as impact resistant or safety glass due to its vinyl inter layer that tends to remain in place when shattered.


Sound Transmission Class and Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class glass has increased pane thickness on the room side and works in areas where exterior noise is a concern.

Divided Lites

We offer various divided lite patterns so you can replicate the look of your original windows and doors. Or, add new architectural interest to your home. Choose from Simulated Divided Lites for classic appeal or Grilles-Between-the-Glass for easy cleaning.

Casement windows can come with a Simulated Checkrail to create the look of a double hung window with the functionality of a casement. Patterns include: Cottage, Prairie 2-Wide, Prairie 2-Wide 6-Lite, Prairie 9-Lite, Simulated Checkrail, and Standard Pattern.

Selected: Grilles Between the Glass

Marvin Replacement Grilles Between the Glass
Cutaway of a Marvin Replacement window with Simulated Divided Lites.
Image of a white Marvin Replacement Casement window with Cottage style divided lites.
Marvin Replacement Casement Windows with Prairie Two-Wide Divided Lites.
Image of two white Marvin Replacement Casement windows with a Prairie Two-Wide Six-Lite divided lite style.
Image of a Marvin Replacement Casement window with a Prairie 9-Lite Divided Lite style.
Image of a white Marvin Replacement Casement window with a simulated check rail to mimic a double hung window look.
Image of a Marvin Replacement Casement window with a standard pattern divided lite style.
Cutaway of Marvin Replacement Grilles Between the Glass


Our tuckaway handle provides an uninterrupted view and you can choose from eight different colors for your window’s hardware. You can also select our Clear View® hinge for maximum views.

Our Casement windows come with a multi-point locking system to provide security, and seal out wind and weather.

Selected: Stone White

Satin Taupe
Satin nickel
brushed chrome
antique brass
Oil rubbed bronze
matte black
Casement window handle and lock

Screen Options

We have two durable aluminum-surround screen options that provide airflow while keeping insects out. Our standard Marvin Bright View™ fiberglass mesh has a clear view, sheds water, and resists dirt. Upgrade to our Hi-Transparency mesh screen for crisper views without losing any of our standard screen benefits. Color match your screen frames to the window for a seamless look.

Selected: Bright View Screen

Sample of a Marvin Replacement Bright View screen
Sample of a Marvin Replacement Hi Transparency window screen
Sample of a Marvin Replacement Bright View screen


Bow window maintenance can follow the same guidelines as casement window cleaning and maintenance.

Image of a person wiping an opened Marvin Replacement Casement window with a cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bay window vs. bow window?

A bay window typically has three windows or openings, while a bow window will have four, five or six windows or openings. An easy way to remember the difference between a bow and a bay window is that a bow window resembles the arc of a bow. A bay window will have operable windows at each end of the picture window while each window can be operable in a bow window.

Do bow windows open?

Yes, each unit in a bow window can open as we use casement windows for our bow windows.

Added Assurance

Marvin Replacement windows and patio doors come with a limited lifetime warranty as well as a 5-year installation warranty to provide additional peace of mind.

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Interior view of a Marvin Replacement Bi-fold patio door. opened in the middle.

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