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Gray draft stopper rests under a white window frame.
What Leaking Windows Mean for Your Home
Leaking windows can cause problems for your home. Learn how to spot window leaks and steps to take to fix leaky windows.
How to spot + fix leaking windows
A man paints a window frame white with a yellow handled paint brush in his left hand.
Can You Paint Fiberglass Windows?
Fiberglass windows typically don't need painting, but should you want to paint fiberglass windows, there are some things to know.
Can You Paint Fiberglass Windows?
Condensation appears on a window sill and a lower corner of a window.
What Causes Condensation?
If you notice condensation on your windows, it's important to note where it appears to know what to do about it. Condensation can appear on the inside, outside, and middle of windows.
What's Condensation Mean?
Image of a man using a thermal monitor to detect the temperate of the air near an old wood window.
What Causes Drafty Windows?
Drafty windows are nuisance and can make your home less energy efficient. Find out what causes drafty windows and what you can do about them.
What Causes Drafty Windows?
Marvin Replacement Energy Star Windows
What are ENERGY STAR Windows?
ENERGY STAR certified windows must meet a set of criteria to earn the familiar blue sticker. Find out what the standards are and how they help with energy efficiency.
What are energy star windows?
Image of a home with big picture windows with a pool in the foreground.
What is a Picture Window?
Many windows get considered picture windows or get confused with other types of windows. Discover what a picture window is and the different shapes one can come in.
What is a Picture Window