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Interior view of installed Marvin Replacement Special Shape Windows in trapezoid shapes.


Learn about the terms used in making and installing windows and doors!

There are specialized terms referring to all sorts of aspects of windows and doors. This glossary is a complete guide to phrases and terminology for windows and doors that you will find throughout the Marvin website, including additional guidance on new Marvin products.
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What is an Egress Window?
Egress windows are required windows to provide a secondary emergency exit and can come as different types of windows but must have a large enough opening to pass through.
What is an Egress Window?
Mediterranean Front Door in Walnut
What is a Sidelite?
Sidelites, or sometimes referred to as sidelights, appear often with front doors. But what are sidelites and do you need a sidelite for your home?  
What is a Sidelite?
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What is a Transom Window?
A transom window typically appears above a door frame and provide additional natural light into an entry way or room.
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