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Best Windows to Improve Air Circulation

If your windows are hard to open or won't stay open on their own, and you’re running out of books to prop them open to for fresh air, it’s probably time for replacement windows. Catching a breeze isn’t only refreshing, it can also help with air circulation and air quality. Marvin Replacement has many window options to bring a stream of fresh air into your home. 

Benefits of Improved Air Circulation 

Improved air circulation can have several benefits for the air quality for your home including: 

Windows that Can Bring in the Most Fresh Air 

Double Hung 

Marvin Replacement Double Hung windows provide good ventilation because both upper and lower sash can move up and down. Simply lower the top sash to allow hot air to escape and raise the lower sash to allow cool air into the home.  


Marvin Replacement Casement windows pivot on the left or the right side, opening the length of the window. Casement windows often fit well in hard-to-reach spots because a simple crank of the handle can opens and closes the window.

Casement windows maximize the amount of fresh air that can enter a home because they don’t have overlapping sash, utilizing the entire height of the window.  


Another window option that shares many of the Casement window advantages is Marvin Replacement Slider windows. Marvin Replacement Sliders are available in many custom configurations, including triple sash configurations, and in equal or unequal sizes to fit the needs of your home best. 


Marvin Replacement Awning windows have the distinct ability to remain open to let fresh air into a home when other windows would be closed, like when it lightly rains. Like casement windows, awning windows open and close with an easy crank of the handle. 

Bay and Bow Windows 

Marvin Replacement Bay and Bow windows not only provide panoramic views, they can also help with air circulation with flanking windows that open and close. Our bay windows can use casement or double hung windows in 30° or 45° configurations with operable casement or double hung windows at each end. You can also choose to have an operating center window to increase airflow. 

Our bow windows allow you to choose from four, five, or six casement windows, with operable windows at each end to maximize airflow.  

Other Ways to Improve Ventilation 

Windows are just one tool to use to improve your home’s ventilation. Windows, when combined with other tools like fans, air filters, air cleaners, and exhaust fans, can impact home air quality, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. 


Fans can help move air around your home or help move air out of a house.

Air Filters 

Air filters for your HVAC system can have a big impact on reducing pollutants. The CDC suggests using pleated filters because they are more efficient than other filters. Like other filters, they do need changing every three months or according to manufacturer's instructions.  

Portable Air Cleaner 

Portable air cleaners or air purifiers can help reduce indoor air pollution, but they can’t remove all the pollutants in the air. The CDC suggests a HEPA cleaner because of their efficiency of trapping particles.  

According to the EPA, “the effectiveness of an air cleaner depends on how well it collects pollutants from indoor air (expressed as a percentage of efficiency rate) and how much air it draws through the cleaning or filtering element (expressed in cubic feet per minute).” 

Use Exhaust Fans 

Your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans can also help improve air quality because they move air outside. If you run them while you have guests over and for an hour after they leave, you can help remove virus particles, according to the CDC. 

Make Catching a Breeze a Breeze with Marvin Replacement

Check out all the replacement window combinations Marvin Replacement offers to help you let in fresh air.

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