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Traditional Front Door in Ebony

How to Pick a Front Door Color

Your front door can attract attention, and its color can make your home stand out. But how do you pick a front door color?

Marvin Replacement features TruStile® entry doors that come in a variety of colors perfect for your home. Picking a front door color depends on your home's style and your taste.

Why Your Front Door Color Matters

  • It’s the first thing people see.

  • A bold front door color can help boost your curb appeal or complement your home’s color scheme.

  • It gives your home character and helps it stand out from other houses.

  • Colors can evoke moods and your front door color can help achieve a certain mood. Cooler colors can intimate calmness or peacefulness.

  • Your front door color can improve the resale value of your home, according to Zillow.

Choosing a Front Door Color

  • Figure out what will blend in well or complement your home’s exterior.

  • Consider your home’s architectural style. Some colors lend themselves better to specific home styles.

  • You can stick to traditional brown, black, and white front door colors.

  • Brighter colors can work well with more contemporary designed homes.

  • Look at a color wheel to find complementary colors and those that fit your existing color scheme.

Consider your trim. Many designers suggest your front door trim color should not match the color of your front door. A different color for the trim can accent your front door.

Best Front Door Colors

A black TruStile Traditional style entry door on a white brick house.

Black Front Door

A black entry door can complement black exterior windows. Black doors create contrast on white homes and can appear in brick homes, too. Black doors can exude sophistication and don’t go out of style.

Craftsman Front Door in White

White Front Door

White front doors remain popular. They work well on homes with dark colors. The white creates contrast and makes a home stand out from the curb.

Traditional Front Door in Cinnamon

Brown Front Door

Wood and brown doors have timeless, classic appeal. A brown door signals comfort and the color fits many home styles.

Coastal Front Door in Slate

Blue Front Door Colors

Blue front doors have huge popularity. Ranging from a rich navy blue to lighter grayish-blues, you can see them on a lot of homes. The lighter blues often appear on coastal homes. Darker blues appear on more traditional style homes. Blue is a cool, comforting color, which makes it appealing as a front door color.

Exterior view of a TruStile Resilient Entry System in Modern Farmhouse style.

Green Front Door Colors

Green front door colors help a home blend into nature. Green shades enjoyed popularity in 2022. Sherwin-Williams named Evergreen Fog as its Color of the Year. Greens and other earth tones offer peaceful feelings. The colors often appear following tumultuous times as people seek calm.

Other Front Door Colors to Consider

  • Red: Red entry doors make a statement and have a classic look. Red front doors have energy and pair well with white homes or homes with light blue exterior siding.

  • Yellow: Choosing a yellow front door can show warmth and make for an inviting entrance. Yellow can work with a variety of home styles, including brick and farmhouse styles. Yellow can pair with grays and blues for a real splash.

  • Orange: An orange front door creates excitement. Orange has a lot of flexibility with varying shades. Mid-Century Modern homes often feature orange doors. Orange mixes well with blue exteriors and accents Mid-Century Modern interior decorating.

  • Purple: Purple front doors have a playfulness about them and offer a soothing color. You don’t often see purple entry doors, so they stand out. Purple front doors, especially lilac front doors have seen a surge in popularity. Searches for lilac front doors have grown by 271% on Google and 240% on TikTok.

Try These Front Door Colors Ideas for Your Home’s Style

Colors like black, red, and white can look good on all types of homes. Some colors can make a home stand out when used properly. Wood doors have a classic appeal that can look great across several home styles.

  • Prairie Style Homes: Prairie style homes tend to have doors with earth tones and wooden door colors.

  • Georgian Homes: Georgian homes use bold red or blue colors, but some designers have suggested a rich purple can look good.

  • Cottage Style Homes: Pastels and cool colors can fit a cottage style home well.

  • Colonial Homes: A red front door can create a striking look on black shutter colonial homes with white exteriors. Brown or natural wood colors look good with homes featuring earth tones. A navy blue door can look good on a white or gray house.

  • Tudor Homes: A traditional red or natural wood color tends to appear with Tudor homes. Some people like to use muted earth tones, like blue or green, or a white door.

  • Victorian Homes: Plum or black make door stand out on Victorian homes.

What Color Will Bring the Most Value to Your Home?

Zillow partnered with Thumbtack to help sellers better estimate the costs of five manageable projects worth doing before listing a home.

Zillow found homes with black doors sold for up to $6,000 more than similar houses.

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