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Exterior view of a brick home with casement windows and a casement picture window.
What is a Casement Window? Styles + Types to Know
Casement windows have unique function and style that can suit a home perfectly. They provide ample ventilation and bring uninterrupted views to a room. Learn the advantages of casement windows.
What is a Casement Window?
Double hung window on the left and a casement window on the right
Casement vs. Double Hung Windows
Casement and double hung windows are popular options for homes. Find out the pros and cons of each window type to find the right fit for your home.
Casement vs. Double Hung Windows
Marvin Replacement window installer places a window
What to Expect with Window Installation
New to window replacement? See what you can expect on installation day so you can prepare.
Window Installation
A man who looks like Tom Brady prepares to install a Marvin Replacement Double Hung window.
When to Replace Your Windows
Discover the signs that it's time to replace your windows with upgraded, new windows.
When to Replace Windows
Close up view of a casement window roto parts
Parts of a Window
Learn the common parts of a window and more. View different types of windows and the parts that make them up.
Window Parts
Exterior view of brown casement windows with divided lites on a white brick home
Window Grids Guide
Learn more about window grids, grilles, simulated divided lites, grilles-between-the-glass to find the look that fits your house the best.
Window Grids Guide