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Interior view of an arch window in a dining room.

Personalize Your Home with Custom Windows

Marvin Replacement custom builds all replacement windows for a proper fit in each home. Not only that, but you can create different shaped windows to add style to your home. The shapes of windows you can select can complement your home’s architecture and boost its appeal. Custom windows come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles. Start picturing the possibilities for your home with these tips and ideas.

Interior view of a living room featuring white Marvin Replacement windows overlooking a lake.

What are Special Shape Windows?

Special shaped windows are windows that come in geometric shapes or have an arched design. The types of window shapes can vary from triangle to octagon to even a diamond shaped window. Special shape windows come custom-made to fit specific spaces. The perfect window in the right spot can change the look of your home. The possibilities are almost endless!

Exterior view of a white brick house with a Marvin Replacement Round Top and Special Shape window.

Custom Window Design Inspiration

A custom shaped window can open a room to more sunlight and expand views. You can custom design windows to fit in rooms with vaulted ceilings. The window can help make a room feel even larger. Homes that feature diagonal design lines can add custom trapezoid shapes to match dynamic lines. Traditional style home window design ideas can include arch windows and divided lites to maintain a historic look.

Exterior back image featuring Picture Windows in Bronze exterior finish

Window Shapes

Looking for a unique window shape? Marvin Replacement features several custom shaped windows. Our special shape windows include:

  • Octagon windows

  • Hexagon windows

  • Pentagon windows

  • Rectangle windows

  • Triangle windows

  • Trapezoid windows

  • Polygon windows

  • Picture windows

Marvin Replacement Special Shape Windows can span up to 56 square feet for true panoramic views. You can also pair our special shape windows together for eye-catching designs.

Window Glass Options + Energy Efficiency

The type of window glass you select makes a difference for your home’s energy efficiency. Window glass comes with microscopic metallic coatings designed to reflect solar heat. The coatings are called Low Emissivity (Low E). Marvin Replacement has four coatings options tailored to suite your climate zone best. Some coatings allow more solar heat to enter a room. Others reduce solar heat, making it ideal for sunny, hot climates.  

Marvin Replacement also has window tint options for rooms that see more daylight. Window tints can help with glare issues and reduce the brightness of the sun. We also have a collection of decorative glasses that provide privacy while still allowing sunshine in.


Can I change the shape of my windows?

Yes, you can change the shape of your windows. You can choose a different style of window when you replace your windows. Some homeowners will swap double hung windows for casement windows and vice versa. You can also add special shape windows to existing openings. Or, you can expand openings to fit custom shape windows.

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