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A slideshow displaying various home styles with many windows.

11 Home Styles With Lots of Windows

Craving more natural light in your home? For each home style, there is a window type that works best to capture more natural light and add style to your home. We’ve outlined ones that fit best. 

Ranch Style Home Windows  

The Midwest and Texas feature many ranch style home originally built with energy inefficient aluminum and steel windows. Ranch style homes can benefit from the horizontal form and function of Marvin Replacement Casement and Sliders.

Craftsman Style Home Windows  

Craftsman homes, popular in the Pacific Northwest, like in Portland and Seattle, can feature gables and tend to have more rectangular shapes.  Marvin Replacement Double hung or single hung windows fit well, particularly cottage windows with divided lights, work best because of their tall rectangular shape. Marvin Replacement Awning and Casement windows can also work because of our simulated checkrail option that mimics the design of traditional double hung windows. 

Contemporary Style Home Windows 

Contemporary style homes, like in Austin, Texas, tend to borrow from other styles and so they can have a variety of window types. Modern homes focus on minimalist design and put an emphasis on function. Marvin Replacement Double Hung or Single Hung windows have the versatility to blend into contemporary homes with ease.  

Our slider windows similarly have a sleek design that complements contemporary style homes, plus they can combine with other window styles for added architectural interest.  

Marvin Replacement Awning windows can fit below other windows for a more unique design that balances boldness with simplicity.  

Colonial/Colonial Revival Style Home Windows 

Colonial and colonial revival homes, popular in areas like Charlotte, North Carolina, often feature double hung windows to keep consistent with the geometric symmetry of the home’s design. Divided lites make for more interest and Marvin Replacement Special Shapes, like round tops can fit in nicely above double hung windows.  

Farmhouse Style Home Windows  

Marvin Replacement Double Hung or Single Hung windows fit perfectly with farmhouse style homes, which dot the Midwest and Texas. They can make a splashier look when set in an array of three with single windows on the second level. Double Hung and Single Hung windows look especially good with divided lites, also known as grilles, for additional appeal. 

Cape Cod Style Home Windows 

Double hung windows fit Cape Cod style homes best because they often have dormers that need tall, rectangular windows, and homeowners can modify them by choosing cottage or oriel styles for different sash sizes. Divided lites look good with Cape Cod houses, which typically have two windows on each side of the front door and dormer windows centered above the first-floor windows.  

Tudor Style Home Windows  

Casement windows often appear with Tudor style homes because of their long and narrow profile. Casement windows pair well with picture windows and divided lites enhance the look. Round top and arch windows can complement a Tudor style home by fitting in above a front door to add some curved lines. 

Victorian Style Home Windows 

Victorian homes have a lot of character and architectural features, like turrets, which make them fit for an array of window types. Double hung or single hung windows work well because they are tall and narrow, meanwhile round top and arch windows slide in above first-floor windows for added curvature. Bay windows are often found with Victorian homes because of the home’s curved shapes.  

Spanish and Mediterranean Style Home Windows 

Spanish and Mediterranean homes have more curved lines than other home styles and the terracotta roofs lend to that. Spanish style homes populate areas like Dallas and Austin, Texas. Round top and arch windows blend into these homes easily while bow windows can appear at one end of a home. Casement windows can work well because of their length and narrowness, and the lack of a check rail keeps the look clean. 

Prairie Style Home Windows 

Prairie style homes typically feature a lot of big windows with an emphasis on geometric lines. Picture windows dominate living rooms and often get paired with casement windows. Awning windows also appear with Prairie style homes as a row. Divided lites help contribute to maintaining the geometric lines.  

Match Your Home’s Style with Marvin Replacement Windows 

Take a look at all of the Marvin Replacement window styles to get the best match for your home’s style. 

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