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exterior view of double hung windows in pebble grey

Choosing Perfect Window Colors for Your Home

Marvin Replacement has stylish window colors to match your home’s style. The lineup of window colors ranges from light colors to dark colors. Discover the right color combination suited for your home’s décor.

Window Color Options: Exterior and Interior Finishes

Marvin Replacement has fiberglass window color choices others can’t match. We have seven exterior finishes to complement your home’s color. Plus, we have five interior finishes that bring warmth and beauty inside your home.

Window Colors

Exterior Colors

Our finish stands up to the elements, so much so that 48,000 hours of sun can't fade our finish* and our fade-resistant acrylic finish resists scratches, chalking, chipping, denting, and peeling. Choose from seven stunning exterior colors to boost your curb appeal.

Selected: Stone White

Stone white swatch
Sierra swatch
Cashmere swatch
Pebble Gray swatch
Bronze swatch
Bahama brown swatch
Ebony swatch
Exterior side of a Marvin Replacement Stone White Double Hung window.

Marvin's Ultrex® fiberglass finish is verified to the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 624 specification. Achieving AAMA 624 verification means that our Ultrex finish has passed rigorous tests that simulate the harsh conditions a finish can encounter throughout the life of a window or door.

*Average sunlight exposure per 10 years

Interior Colors

We use the same tough acrylic finish on our four interior color options that we use on our exterior colors. You can also choose our stainable EverWood® finish for the look of double hung wood windows without the maintenance.

Selected: Stone White

Stone white swatch
Sierra swatch
EverWood finish sample
Bronze swatch
Ebony swatch
Interior side of a Stone White Marvin Replacement Double Hung window.

1. Bronze interior is only available with Bronze exterior

2. Ebony interior is only available with Ebony exterior

3. Sierra interior is not available with Ebony exterior

Finish samples are approximate. Schedule a design consultation for an up close view of color options.

How to Pick the Right Window Color for Your Home

When you replace windows, you can choose new exterior and interior colors. You can also keep the same colors you have if you want to maintain your home’s look. If you decide to pick new colors, or try to match what you have, there are some things to keep in mind.

You can mix and match exterior and interior window colors to get the best look for your home. Choose a dark window color for your home’s exterior and a light color for the interior. Go bold and choose a dark window finish for both the interior and exterior. One of our brown finishes can complement a brick home exterior, too.

Create a Design Plan

Your replacement window project can also involve other home improvements, like siding installation. Those can impact your window color choice. Create a color scheme that will fit your home’s style all around.

Choose a Color Palette

You can pair warm colors for your windows or pair cool colors for complementary looks. Warmer window colors include browns and tans. Cooler window colors include grays. White exterior windows have a timeless look while black windows have become on-trend. Brown colored windows work well with homes that have earthy tones.

Dark interior windows create contrast in rooms with light-colored walls. Dark interior windows can use complementary accents, like a rug or other décor items. You can also choose light-colored windows to add natural light to your home. The lighter color will reflect natural light. Light-colored windows also put more focus on colorful décor items inside a room.

Consider Your Home’s Architecture

Your home’s architecture can lead you to specific exterior window color choices. Contemporary styled homes can have bolder looks. Black exterior windows often appear in those types of homes. More traditional homes often have lighter colors, like white exterior windows. Older brick homes can feature earthy browns and tans to complement the brick color. 

Black and white are the most popular window colors but other shades have their place in a home. Brown windows often appear in Southwestern or Mediterranean-style homes.

Black Windows

Black windows have grown popular, especially with Modern Farmhouse and contemporary styled homes. Black windows provide great contrast on white or light-colored homes. Pulling off the black window look works best with thinner window frames. Thicker frames tend to look bulky, dated, or the color ends up overwhelming.

Marvin Replacement features black window looks with our Ebony finish. Our windows also have a slimmer profile than vinyl frames.

White Windows

White windows have timeless appeal. They work with a variety of color palettes to make it a safe window color choice. White's versatility makes it popular with traditional style homes and others.

Brown Windows

Brown windows, like our Bahama Brown or Bronze finishes, work with earthy color schemes. More contemporary style homes feature darker tones of red, purple, green, and orange. Shades of brown window frames will complement those colors. Our Bronze finish appears on a Seattle brick home below.

Tan Windows

Tan windows can complement the color of the mortar in brick homes. Our tan-shaded Sierra finish fit the color scheme of this Charlotte, North Carolina home beautifully.

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