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Man uses a reciprocating saw to cut a window frame

Window Installation: Process + What to Know 

Replacement window installation seems complicated if you haven’t done it before. Marvin Replacement takes the guesswork out of it with personalized service every step of the way. Here’s what to expect when you begin the window installation process.

Window Installation Process 

Your window installation project begins when you meet with one of our design consultants to discuss what you have in mind for replacement windows. They’ll cover specifics and options before you place your order. They’ll work on your timeline and move forward when you’re comfortable.  

1. Free Design Consultation 

Replacing your windows and patio doors is easy with Marvin Replacement. During your no-pressure design consultation, we’ll carefully evaluate your project to determine if full-frame or insert replacement installation is the right choice for your home. After you decide to move forward with your project, a project manager will visit you at your home for a 30–60-minute measure appointment.  They’ll answer any additional questions you have. 

2. Choose Window Options 

You have several color options and design choices with Marvin Replacement windows. Our design consultants will review all the window features and options to find the right look for your home. They’ll cover energy efficiency glass options and features like divided lites.  

3. Place Window + Patio Door Order 

Once the measurements and details are confirmed, our project team will review your order, and unless there are any changes, we’ll place your order. Your project details are sent to our manufacturing facility to custom-build your new windows and doors.  

After your order is placed, your personal Customer Success Manager will contact you to introduce themselves and keep you updated every step of the way. They’ll reach out to schedule installation as well as any staining or painting, if applicable, at a time and date that’s convenient for you. We’ll also schedule a walk-through following installation to ensure you’re happy with your new windows and doors.  

4. Delivery + Installation 

We’ll email you a week before and call 24 hours before your scheduled installation date to confirm the appointment. In the days leading up to installation day you can prepare by moving furniture away from your windows and doors. Any window treatments will need to be removed as well. Pictures and fixtures near windows and doors need to be moved. Have a plan to keep small children and pets safe on installation day. Plan to disconnect any security system alarms in your windows and doors prior to installation and reconnect after installation. 

On installation day, your old windows and doors will be replaced with your new custom windows and doors. We’ll take care of every detail. Our installation team will arrive promptly. We’ll do a walk-through before beginning installation to point out special considerations of your home–both inside and out. We’ll handle disposing of your old windows and doors. 

Following installation, your project manager will do a post-install walk-through and make sure everything has been cleaned up to your satisfaction. Expect them to take the time to explain how to operate your new windows and doors.  

Types of Windows We Install

Double Hung windows line drawing

Double Hung

Casement windows line drawing


Single Hung Windows windows line drawing

Single Hung

Round top windows line drawing

Round Top

Slider windows line drawing


Awning windows line drawing


Bay windows line drawing


Specially shaped windows line drawing

Special Shapes

Bow windows line drawing


Single Hung Round Top diagram

Single Hung Round Top

Double Hung Windows

View of white Marvin Replacement Double Hung windows from a porch.
View of white Marvin Replacement Double Hung windows from a porch.
Living room view of Marvin Replacement Double Hung windows with curtains opened to either side.
Exterior view of Marvin Replacement Double Hung windows on a white house with a red front door.
Interior dining room image featuring Double Hung Windows in Stone White interior finish with White hardware

Double hung windows open by sliding up from the bottom and sliding down from the top. Our double hung Ultrex® fiberglass windows have classic style and you can easily clean them from inside your home. Double hung windows work great in areas where you have shrubbery or other landscaping that prevents you from having a window that opens outward.

Marvin Replacement Window Installation Transformations

Window Installation + Window Maintenance

See how to prepare for window installation and how to care for your windows after they're installed.

Marvin Replacement window installer places a window

What to Expect on Installation Day

Haven't replaced windows before? Here's what to expect on installation day.

Window Installation
Older woman with glasses cleans window glass with a yellow rag while wearing blue gloves.

Window Care + Maintenance

Learn the things you can do to keep your windows and patio doors looking great after installation.

Care + Maintenance


Will Marvin Replacement dispose of my old windows? 

Yes, Marvin Replacement will dispose of your old windows.  

How many windows can I have installed? 

About eight insert windows can be installed in one day. Insert window replacement takes a two-man crew about an hour for one window. Full-frame window replacement takes more time. Bigger windows also take more time to install.  

What is the warranty for Marvin Replacement windows? 

The warranty for Marvin Replacement windows includes a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own and occupy your home. Plus, they come with a five-year installation warranty for additional peace of mind.  

What does a design consultation look like? 

Marvin Replacement design consultants work with you to create the look you want for your home. They take the time to answer all your questions, so you feel comfortable. We’ll measure your windows and patio doors to ensure they get built precisely for a proper fit.

How do I know if it’s time to replace my windows? 

There are some tell-tale signs when it’s time to replace your windows. When they become difficult to open and close, look foggy, and are visibly aged, are all signs of when to replace windows

Do windows get installed from inside or outside? 

Windows can be installed from either inside or outside a home. They most often are installed from the outside.  

Do window installers clean the windows? 

Yes, Marvin Replacement installers clean the windows after installation.

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