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Winter Sliding Patio Door

Tips to Winterize Windows

When cold weather approaches you can prep your windows and patio doors. You’ll feel comfortable inside during winter when you winterize windows and patio doors. Here’s what to know about prepping your windows and patio doors ahead of winter.

How to Winterize Windows + Patio Doors

Winterizing your windows and patio doors has benefits, like making your home more energy efficient. Winterizing windows and sliding glass doors doesn’t take a lot of work and can help keep your home warmer. Check out these tips to winterize windows and patio doors.

Clean Windows + Patio Doors

Before winter arrives, take the time to clean your windows. Cleaning your windows will reveal any issues that could lead to leaky windows. Jot down any issues you see as you clean windows to address them later. Do the same with your patio doors. Remove your exterior screens while cleaning. You can clean your screens, too. Store them in a safe, cool, and dry place for the winter. If left out during winter, snow can cling to screens. The weight of the snow can cause them to sag.

Check for Drafts and Gaps

You can use a flashlight to see if light appears on the other side of the windows or patio doors. If you notice light on the other side, you could have drafty windows or gaps where air can enter your home. You can seal any gaps with caulk, weatherstripping, or foam. Be sure to keep your windows and patio doors locked to ensure a tight seal.

Add Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping can reduce air infiltration through your windows and patio doors. Where do you put weatherstripping? Weatherstripping gets placed where sash meet, at window edges, as well as the top and bottom of windows.

Caulk Around Windows

As caulk ages it begins to lose its ability to keep cold air out. Caulk seals gaps around your window and door frame so they’re weather-tight. Caulk needs routine inspection and replacing when it starts to deteriorate.

Easy Ways to Insulate Windows and Patio Doors in Cold Weather

Some of the best ways to winterize windows are the easiest. People in cold weather areas use shrink wrap kits, thermal curtains, and shades to prevent energy loss with windows.

Window Winterization Kit

A winter weatherization kit can prevent cold air from coming into a home. The kits come with double-sided tape and shrink wrap. The plastic wrap gets adhered to a window or patio door frame with double-sided tape to create a seal around a window. Waving a blow dryer over the wrap tightens the shrink wrap for a tight seal. It’s an easy way to insulate your windows in winter.

Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains can provide more insulation for homes. They can have a foam core and vapor barrier. Thermal curtains block heat transfer. When closed they can have an R-value between R-3 to R-5, which is close to the same value as an inch of fiberglass batt insulation. R-value measures the capacity of a material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating capability.

You can also open your curtains during the day in areas that receive a lot of sunlight. The natural light can help warm the area. You can also close the blinds and curtains at night as a barrier for cold air.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades can help insulate as a window covering. They have air pockets that can reduce the transfer of heat through a window. You can find cellular shades custom built for your windows and in many styles.

Replace Old Windows + Patio Doors

You might need to replace your windows with newer, energy efficient ones. If you see condensation between window panes, it can mean the seal inside the window panes has failed. A broken seal can decrease the energy efficiency of your windows and patio doors. If you’ve tried everything and still have issues with your windows, Marvin Replacement can help you find new windows and patio doors for your home.

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