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Interior view of a white Marvin Replacement two-panel Inswing French door that opens to a deck.

When to Replace Patio Doors

1. Safety 

Doors are the main entry points to your home and broken doors are a major issue. They should be addressed immediately. Replacing broken doors is also important to help keep kids and pets safe. 

Broken glass presents safety concerns, too. Even though patio doors typically have safety glass

Safety Glass

Safety glass refers to glass designed to resist breaking or splintering into jagged edges when shattered. It is reinforced glass commonly found in doors, skylights, and some windows.

, which is designed to break into smaller pieces, broken glass is never fun to have to clean up.  

2. Water Leaks and Staining 

Watch out for any signs of water near a patio door. If you see water between door panes, excess condensation, leaks, or water stains, it’s a sign to look into patio door replacement. Excess moisture can lead to bigger problems like wood rot as well as mold, mildew, and warping. 

3. Drafty Doors 

Drafty patio doors can lead to increased energy bills and colder rooms. Windows and doors with low conductivity reduce heat loss in homes, which can translate into lower energy bills.* Our Ultrex® fiberglass patio doors are 5,000x less conductive than aluminum, so homes retain more heat in winter and stay cooler in the summer.  

4. Patio Door Doesn’t Work 

If your patio door doesn’t lock anymore or it’s tough to open and close, it’s likely a good time for patio door replacement. Broken hardware can indicate the door’s age and a permanent fix is likely better than stop-gap fixes.   

5. Improve Your Backyard Look 

Upgrading your patio door can improve the look of your home and help you live a seamless indoor-outdoor lifestyle.  

Patio Door Repair vs. Replacement Cost 

Deciding whether to repair a patio door or replace it typically comes down to the extent of the damage. Patio door repair might make more sense if you have broken wheels or a bent track. But if the patio door has more extensive damage, like broken glass or warping, replacement is the better way to go.  

Marvin Replacement patio doors are available in swinging, sliding, and folding styles. Learn more about our patio door offerings and design your dream door.  

* Savings reflects installing ENERGY STAR certified products compared to non-certified when replacing single pane windows based on the average savings among homes in modeled cities. Actual savings will vary by product type, location, method of installation, individual home characteristics, local climate and conditions, utility rates and other factors. 

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